Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Though it is doubted by many experts about how drinking healthy green tea can bring about a change in weight of the body, still it has been proved by scientific research that healthy green tea is indeed beneficial to our body. Below are some of the ways healthy tea improve our overall health lemon kombucha.

1. Green tea has all the benefits of black tea in a more effective form as the green tea is much fresher than black tea. It has many other medical benefits like it successfully decrease the chance of heart failure by 50%. Also it fights against dental plaque and cavities. But you need a lot of water and brush regularly along with it to keep the stain away from your teeth.

2. Drinking tea burns more calories than it actually contains. So it falls under the category of zero calorie food. Also body has to spend energy in cooling down the hot tea you just drank to your body temperature. Drinking liquid tea burns more calorie than eating a caffeine pill. So it helps you to lose weight.

3. Also some women particularly Indian have a far-fetched claim that drinking tea affects the color of your hair. They believe that black tea turns hair darker and green tea causes it to be redder.

It is a natural tendency of people to exaggerate. Many have fabricated false claims about the capability of the herbal green tea. They claim that it can be used as a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and HIV. If it was that capable then all the hospitals would have been closed and we’d all been drinking herbal tea right now.

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