An interesting Tamil comedy movie would make a perfect choice for everyone, especially if you are sad or depressed. If you are expecting to watch a new Tamil movie based on your interest, then looking for online streaming platforms would be best. OTT platforms like aha can help you watch any Tamil movies, as they are filled with the best Tamil movies collections. Whether you are in the mood to watch comedy movies or any other genre, aha will have numerous choices for you.

So, are you excited about watching your favorite Tamil movie online? If yes, the first thing you have to do is to take an aha subscription, which is easily affordable. It will provide you with complete access to aha so that you can watch all its movies. Would you like to know about some of the famous Tamil comedy movies? Try watching Udanpaal, Gurkha, and Andhra Mess, currently available on aha OTT.

Some of the best Tamil comedy movies are currently streaming on aha.

1.      Udanpaal

The cast

Udanpaal is a comedy drama film directed by Karthik Seenivasan, starring Linga as Parama, Gayathrie as Kanmani, and Vivek Prasanna as Murali. Abarnathy, Charlie, Dheena, and Dharshith Santosh are other prominent cast members of this film.

The story – highlights

Udanpaal has a unique story with a mix of fun and tragic events. Even though the story’s main part starts with an individual’s death, it is presented in a fun way. It would encourage all the viewers to watch the rest of the movie without any boredom.

The story starts with the introduction of Paraman and his sister Kanmani, children of Vinayakam, who are in dire financial straits. Vinakayam dies in an unexpected tragedy, but his family acts greedy when they find out about compensation provided by the government. The next part of the movie is about the different doings of Vinayakam’s family, which is fun.

2.      Gurkha

The cast

Sam Anton directs the comedy action film Gurkha under the production company 4 Monkeys Studios. One of Tamil’s popular comedy film stars, Yogi Babu, plays the lead role of security guard Bahadur Babu in this film. Other main casts include Elyssa Erhardt as Margaret, Anandaraj as (RDX) Alex, Charlie as Usain Bolt, Raj Bharath, etc.

The story

Gurkha’s story starts with the intro of Bahadur Babu, who failed to achieve his dream of joining the police and later joined as a security guard at a mall. The movie’s main event starts when a group of people hijacks the mall with many people in it. Since the police cannot capture the hijacked gang and rescue the citizens, Bahadur Babu becomes the savior of all those people.


One of the primary highlights of the film Gurkha is that, most of all, the lead characters are popular comedians in the Tamil film industry. Starting with Yogi Babu as the hero, you can find Anandaraj, Charlie, and many others. Thus, the film is a perfect comedy entertainer that would make you laugh.

Gurkha' movie review: A mindless entertainer that predominantly works- The  New Indian Express

3.      Andhra Mess

The cast

The film stars Raj Bharath as Rathna, Tejaswini as Bala, Pooja Devariyu as Arasi, AP Shreethar as Varadhu, and Mathivanam Rajendran as Ritchie in the lead roles. Other cast members include Balaji Mohan, Vinoth, R Amarendran, etc. Most characters in this film are not much popular but have done their part quite well.

The story

The film starts with Devaraj, a gangster hiring his underlings Varadhu, Rathna, Ritchie, and Sethu to steal a bag of money. But the underlings of Devaraj scoot away with the money to a remote village. Later they take refuge under an individual living with his wife in that village. The story then continues with them trying to sort out things between their boss. In between, there arises some twists and suspense, which is filled with fun.

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