Why you should buy double vanity units

by Veronika Chaika

You’ll have to decide soon: do you want your whole bathroom to be about you, or do you want your friends and family members to use the other side? It’s a question that’s been weighing on your mind for months. You’ve seen too many ugly bathroom stalls, shared toilets, and not-in-the-least single vanity units in the history of bathrooms. After careful consideration, however, it seems like buying two adjacent units is the most sensible and elegant solution. The benefits are numerous—you’ll always have privacy when you’re alone; nobody has to share, and more space means better functionality since there won’t be any wasted space between units. If you’re not sure yet, here are some lesser-known reasons why you should opt for double vanity units for your bathroom. buy double vanity units today.

You might think that by splitting the cost with someone else, this solution will cost you twice the amount. But no—two individual units would be more expensive than a single unit with two sinks. Many manufacturers price their products according to the number of surfaces available, so buying two separate vanity units will be much cheaper than going with a dual sink. Also, installation and plumbing costs can add up quickly when installing double vanity sets into one unit.

Why you should buy double vanity unitsYou might also be worried that your spouse or co-owner would have a hand picking out the materials and finishes, but this is not true. Since you’ll be deciding which vanity unit to buy, you get to choose your favorite wood or finish, thus ensuring that this purchase is something you won’t regret. You can even decide on some fun colors if you want!

It’s easy to find complementary pieces since you can shop around for a double unit versus just one unit in general. When looking for a single vanity unit, you might discover that many of them look like an afterthought or don’t quite match the rest of your bathroom’s decor. A double-unit investment means you can pick one piece at a time and get it right.

You might have also heard double vanity units cost less to install and maintain because there aren’t any middle plumbing supports. While this is true, it’s not entirely accurate—two separate units will still require some plumbing fixtures, which could add up quickly without careful planning. You’ll want to check with the manufacturer and see what would be best if you’re looking to save money in the long run.

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